Economic refurbishing of parts

'Waste recultivation for automotive suppliers & manufacturers'

Are you starting a new project or do you have spoiled parts?     



  • refurbishing of spoiled parts

  • paint-stripping work  

  • sanding

  • dry glass-bead blasting

  • nickel plating, chrome plating

  • hot dip galvanization

  • anodizing

Industrial paint-stripping work

Paint stripping from cast and metal parts by chemicals

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of professional surface treatments.

Our main profile is paint-stripping and chrome plating offered by our galvanizing shop, mainly the surface treatment of a medium volume of serial parts, complemented by manual shot blasting for excellent quality. 


' Surface treatment services customized to the needs of domestic manufacturers and automotive suppliers'

We specialize in the shot blasting of metal structures, cast parts and in the paint-stripping of parts and in hot dip galvanization.

Due to the size of our plant we are able to serve our customers in a flexible and efficient way. 

Parts with painting fault are usually considered scrap.

 For this problem we offer an economic solution to our partners in automotive manufacturing.


Our industrial paint-stripping technology is suitable for the removal of paint from parts coated with epoxy, KTL or powder.


In order to make the surface of the spoiled part perfect, by further surface treatment, even by complementary shot blasting and anodizing we treat the surface for the desired result.


The fine cast part restored in this way is in line with the expectation of modern automotive suppliers.


Our technology does not result in size reduction, thus in case of part series with spoiled painting you can avoid the complementary manufacturing of cast parts.

Aluminum Supplier

 You would need the cleaning of parts with spoiled painting?

 A high quantity of fine cast parts shall be repainted? 


You are at the right place. Our company undertakes the removal of paint by an efficient, industrial process based on the use of chemicals.


If necessary, in addition we also offer manual glass-bead blasting to part manufacturers.

The process we use is suitable for refurbishing, or for the surface treatment of precision tools and parts, where the shot-blasted surface must be perfect.

This procedure is suitable for prime blasting before painting. The glass-bead blasting surface roughening process creates an excellent basis for painting preparation, thus the paint will adhere better to the surface and will be more time-proof.  

We remove the contamination from painted, corroded metal surfaces by jet blasting and cabin technologies. 


We specialize in galvanization, including nickel plating, chrome plating, zinc plating and anodizing.

We undertake the decorative chrome plating, zinc plating of high quantities of parts for our customers and manufacturing partners.

Galvanization and chemical surface treatment are the most widespread anticorrosion method after painting. Our galvanizing plant undertakes chrome plating, zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating and anodizing.

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