Refurbishing of parts

Teljes körű fémtisztító és felületkezelő megoldásokat kínálunk, amelyek költséghatékonyak, energia hatékonyak, biztonságosak az üzemeltetők és a környezet számára.

Do you have high quantities of spoiled parts? Do you struggle with repair in automated machine manufacturing?

A major percentage of our work consists of paint-stripping, glass bead blasting and KTL removal for automotive suppliers. 

We find efficient solutions also for problems your company would cope with only slowly, by using a lot of manual work. 

Has the mass production gone wrong?

Has the painting become faulty, or maybe you have parts that dropped into the powder coating vat? 
Why bother with slow and meticulous repair.
Choose us and then you release time and precious capacities.

The process of refurbishing..

1st step

Removal of paint & varnish


Chemical paint-stripping work

Removal of paint from KTL, epoxy, powder-coated and varnished surfaces.

Our paint stripping technology works as follows: parts undergo an etching bath developed for this particular purpose, here most or all of the paint is removed. Most paint types on cast parts can perfectly be removed in the first step.   

Occasionally in case of precise parts, depending on the type of the paint used complementary glass bead blasting might also be necessary. 

2nd step

Shot blasting


Dry glass-bead blasting, roughening

In order to have a surface perfectly free of paint, after the bath as an option the surface of the part can be blasted by glass beads. Then after degreasing the part will be ready for repainting. 

After the glass bead blasting there is no more rework needed on the part, but it can be repainted immediately.
Our technology does not result in size reduction.

3rd step

Anodizing and painting


More durable prime coating or repainting

Due to our state-of-the-art equipment and galvanizing shop we can even anodize the perfectly roughened surface and we can offer also solutions of painting as an option.

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh

Efficient partner of manufacturers


Due to our state-of-the-art equipment and technology we have also customer from abroad.

There are several major Hungarian companies among our customers.
We have got the technical background and experts needed for the implementation of the works.


In the long-term strategy of our company we have set it as a goal to continuously improve the level of our surface treatment activities and services to the satisfaction of our corporate customers.

In order to achieve our goal all our colleagues are familiar with, apply and accept as binding for themselves the quality management system according to the requirements of the  MSZ EN ISO 9001: and 14001 standards. 

In our hall we can also store the parts cleaned or waiting to be cleaned.

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