Surface roughening

Tapadásnövelés, járműipari, gépipari, és alkatrészgyártó beszállítóknak


Is the surface of the part is too smooth?   

Improving the surface roughness of precision cast parts, parts

  'The missing link,.. the surface preparation.

 No prime coating, paint falls off the part?

 Part struggles in coping with the ambient conditions even after applying the prime coating? 


Have you ever wondered about surface roughening? 

Parts with painting fault are often considered scrap.


Suppliers are often confronted with the problem in accelerated test production or when manufacturing medium series that fine matching does not provide appropriate adhesion on the part.

It turns out often as late as upon the first outbound delivery that the prime coating is not OK, or if delivered in the right quality it would be a too expensive solution for the manufacturer.

For this situation we offer an economic solution to our partners in automotive manufacuring by roughening the surface.

 Is the surface of the sheet or of the profile used too fine?   The technology we use is suitable for the roughening surface treatment of superfine parts machined by fine or precision tools.

Not even the best, most expensive paint or coat can offer appropriate protection against physical adhesion. 
Right surface protection is at least as important as coating itself.

This procedure is suitable for preparation before painting. Glass-bead blasting surface roughening creates an excellent basis for painting preparation, thus the paint will adhere better to the surface and will be more time-proof.   

Does the paint peel off the part..?

Is the varnish leading its separate life.?  

Part with a faulty paint =  Lost customer

Do not take the risk!

Where because of the physical properties of the primary material too fine surfaces need painting, it turns out in many cases as late as during the first physical tests that inappropriate prime coating cannot yield durable results. 


Even the best quality priming paint cannot substitute physical adhesion.  In many cases it is more favorable than functional or fluorine polymer paint.   


We offer a cost efficient solution to our partners by our surface roughening service.

 In this solution we remove, even in two rounds, the old paint applied or its residues and by roughening appropriate physical adhesion is achieved. In this way, in case of repainting, our customer gets a durable paint less sensitive to physical impacts and a part that stands the test of time. 

 Do you receive complaints about faulty painting?Were there problems with priming? 

Do not manufacture again. 

Test our service! 

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