Carbon Fibre LacquerinG

As a new service, we provide high quality painting services include spray-applied lacquers on carbon fibre parts for automotive suppliers and motorsport manufactories.

We cover quality lacquering of metal, plastic or carbon fiber parts for prime Tier I. and Tier II. manufacturers. We offer lacquering for air deflectors  mirrors, bonnets and interior elements for various brands.

Motorbike parts?  Front lips? Mirror housing?  Rear diffuser?

Components can be finished in your choice of satin or high gloss.

Our surface treatment is suitable regardless of the size, geometry and thickness of components.

Enduring Values. Inspired by Excellence.

We provide coatings with outstanding adhesion, superb UV stability, plus automotive-quality scratch and chemical resistance for your automotive & motorsport products.

For an initial quote or if you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to contact us.