Glass bead and sand blasting for factories and shops.

We ahve am impressive track record of shot-blasting.

We undertake tje shot-blasting of medium- and small -sized tools and parts on short notice.

We have more than 15 years of experience in shot-blasting.

The majority of our orders consist of a glass bead blasting for automotive suppliers.

There are three blast cabins in our orkshop, in two of them we work using various sized of glass beads, and in one of the cabins we use steel shots.

Do you want to improve the surface roughness of the parts? 

The glass-bead blasting surface roughening process creates an excellent basis for painting preparation.
After prime coating by spraying the paint will adhere better to the surface and will be more time-proof. 

surface rughening

For the perfect surface!


Should the result of the paint-stripping not be perfect, it can be complemented by glass bead blasting. Then  there is no more rework needed on the part, but it can be repainted immediately.
A perfect solution for precision tools and parts. Glass bead blasting does not result in size reduction.

High precision removal of layers

Is scale, rust, contamination a trouble?


The procedure is suitable for the cleaning of corroded surfaces and for surface treatment before painting.
The velocity of blasting, the type and size of the particles depend on the part to be blasted.
You send us your sample,
we deliver the solution.

Sand blasting

Efficient surface treatments for every need. .

Our available materials for blasting

The closed technology of shot blasting can in the first place be used for the removal of rust, old paint and varnish layers and for cleaning. The material of the parts of various sizes can be metal, wood, plastic, Perspex, glass, ceramics.  In the course of shot blasting contamination adhering to the surface can easily be removed, thus metal surfaces will be clean to metal. 
The original condition and color of the metal is restored.


                        Glass beads                              Sand                      Corundum                   

Glass bead

Glass beads are an excellent choice for appealing surfaces. This allows the surface treatment of sensitive surfaces, high-precision parts using the right technology: Size 0-600 mm
Hardness: 5,5 Mohs
Our company works, depending on the surface treatment desired, with the following particle size in case of dry glass bead blasting:

 I. 40-70 micron                               II. 100-200 micron          III. 300-400 micron



Field of use: Sand consists of ultra clean particles. Also suitable for the cleaning of stainless materials, non-ferrous and precious metals. Size:  0.15-1.0 mm


Corundum is a blasting material made of aluminum oxide. Corundum has excellent hardness, edges are renewed during the blasting process.
Corundum is particularly suitable for the removal of sediments, rust, paint, for roughening, for the removal of polishing and for matting. 
Usually applied in spray cabins. Because of its highly rectangular shape and hardness it has a highly abrasive impact on the blasted surface. 

Surface treatment using metal particles, we take just individual orders
In dedicated ad hoc agreement we can also take orders for steel grit blasting.   In case of such needs the target is to make parts generally clean, descale primary materials in such high-performance free jet blasting equipment. 

Our blasting cabins

 We have got 3 free jet cabins for larger parts and 3 more closed manual cabins for the surface treatment of smaller, fine-machined parts.

Dependig on the nozzle diameter, our compressors with a capacity of 400 m3/h are used to guarantee a consistently clean surface, starting from tiny parts up to parts that are even as long as 6 m.


We can take parts with special weight and size following preliminary agreement.

Our maximum receiving capacity is:

Width: 2,9 m
Height: 3,5 m
Lenght: 8 m
Weight: 8-10 tons

The capacity of our shot blasting shop is high, therefore even orders for a highernumber of parts are no problem.

Shot blasting, surface preparation for manufacturers.  Write us about your project and we will help you in the implementation.

 In case of corporate orders please call +36 (30) 180 8839