Our services

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of professional surface treatments. 
Our main profile is paint -strippig , glass bead blastin and the precison CNC machining.

We specialize in the shot blasting of metal structures, cast parts and in the paint-stripping of parts and in galvanic zinc plating.Due to the size of our plant we offer flexible and efficient services to our customers.


By the chome plating and zinc plating solutions offered by our galvanizing plant we undertake the surface treatment of a medium volume of serial parts, in many cases compemennted by manual shot blasting for excellent quality.

Our services

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 Our surface treatment services

  • Precision CNC machining ★★★

  • Paint stripping work ★★★★

  • Refurbishing of parts ★★★

  • Glass-bead blasting ★★★

  • Surface roughening ★★★

  • Chrome plating★★★

  • Sanding

  • Corundum blasting

  • Galvanization

  • Anodizing

  • Copper plating

  • Nickel plating

  • Phosphatization

  • Removal of chrome plating by etching

  • Metal finishing

How we can help you?

  • The repair /refurbishment of the surface treatment of spoiled parts

  • Paint-stripping work from cast products

  • Galvanization for mass production for manufacturers, automotive suppliers

  • Chrome plating of a medium volume of parts

  • High precision paint-stripping by dry glass bead blasting

  • Carbon Fibre Lacquering

Some practical surface treatment examples:

Paint-stripping from powder coated cast parts

E.g. from pump casings, parts

Electrochemical polishing

E.g. the refurbishment of vehicle trims

Removal of chrome plating by etching 

Chrome plating of stainless steel parts

Why should you choose us?

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Medium-sized plant, efficient technology

Due to the dize of our plant we are flexible.

In spite of our automated chrome plating unit also blue collar manpower is an asset at our company, in this way we produce high quality parts.

We are aware of the need of our customers.

Our goal is to offer all-comprehensive services to our partners, to establish longéterm cooperation and to improve the production of automotive suppliers and domestic manufacturers by providing high-quality compementary services.

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Customized to corporate purchase orders..

We do not take orders from individuals, in this way you can be sure that we pay our absolute attention to the needs of domestic manufacturers and of automotive suppliers concentrating of medium-sized mass production. 

Whether anodizing, zinc plating, nickel plating of chrome plating, we serve our domestic and foreign partners in a flexible way and with high expertise in all fields to create common value.  

Do you work on part supplying project, do you specialize in the manufacturing of cast products or of medium-sized metal parts?